Social Studies


All Grades

American Memory Collection -- Access to the Library of Congress digital collection including slave narratives, baseball cards, and photographs.

Amtrack - Downeaster Train Schedule

Discovery Channel includes information for both teachers and students.

History Channel Classroom -- useful information to supplement their wide variety of programming for the classroom.

Liberty's Kids: The primary goal of the Liberty's Kids TV series is to provide 7-12 year olds with a fresh and exciting experience of the extraordinary period of 1773 to 1789 in American history.

The Smithsonian Institution -- Contains information from all of the Smithsonian collections with many connections to topics in our social studies curriculum, including the Civil War and Media Literacy.

Grade 6

Cultural Connections

Anthems (some sites includes words and music):

Anthems and Patriotic Music - Hear music only... no text
Geocities anthems and flags - Click on "anthem" or "flag" and choose a country

Country Information:

In the library menu above left, go to "Online Databases" and select either of:
Grolier Online - go to "Lands and Peoples" section
Cyber Schoolbus - Click on "Country at a Glance" or try "Flag Tag"
Cyber Schoolbus Photo Gallery - Go to "Pictures of Peace" or "Peace Flag Project"
Geographia - Click on a continent and choose a country
Travel for Kids - Click on "start here" then choose a country
Yahooligans - Choose a country and click on it


Flags of the World:

CIA World Factbook Flags of the World
Flags of the World (FOTW)
Yahooligans Flags - Scroll down to "SITES" section and choose a country
Shipmate Flagchart's Recently Changed Flags

Grade 7

Ancient Civilizations

Aztec Calendar Find out today's date using the Aztec Calendar.

Ancient and Lost Civilizations This site links to pages about the Maya, Olmec, Sumer, Greek, Roman, and other ancient cultures.

Crystalinks includes a map of the area occupied by the Olmecs, information about the aquaducts they built, the ball games they played, the art they created, and the unanswered questions still being asked about the Olmecs.

The Olmecs Describes the 1862 discovery of evidence of the Olmec people and the 1939 carving which lead to the understanding of this complex society.

The Perseus Project -- housed at Tufts University, this site has links to a great variety of information about life in ancient Greece.

Preclassics presents information gathered by a woman who has lived in Mexico for twenty-five years and who writes for Mexico Connect and other organizations.

Tribal Arts is the result of a major exhibition at the Art Museum of Princeton University and contains information about the art, religion, and rulers of the Olmec people.

Grade 8

Civil War Unit

This is the Civil War Smithsonian site, produced by The National Portrait Gallery.

Civil War Biography resources:

About North Georgia

American Civil

The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns

Civil War Biographies

eHistory Archive: Important People Of The Civil War

Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War

Sons of the Union Veterans of Civil Wars

Civil War Websites for Photographs

Civil War

The Civil War: A Film by Ken Burns: Images of the Civil War

Civil War Photos. net

Images of the American Civil War

Life Photo Archive hosted by Google

National Archives: Pictures of the Civil War

Photographs from the American Civil War, Part I

Selected Civil War Photographs

U. S A. Civil War Photographs

Ideas about Civil War Artifacts

C & C Sutlery: United States Civil War Re-enactor's Sutler

Civil War Antique Shop - Personal Items

Civil War Dealers

Civil War QuarterMaster HQ

Supply Wagon Sutlers

Immigration Unit - Mr. Grove

Deweybrowse - try the 300s for immigration -

Immigrants and Immigrant Groups -

Images from Keystone Collection of Ellis Island -

Search names and spellings of immigrant names - Go to the "passenger search" feature at the top left of the page

Legislative Unit - Mr. Nichols

Overview of unit

United States Senate

United States House of Representatives

The Library of Congress

President Unit

The Presidents of the United States - this site has pictures of the Presidents of the U. S., their Inaugural Addresses, information about their life and presidency, as well as links to related sites and to information about their First Ladies.


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