Moharimet Nature Trail

Moharimet's Nature Trail

The Moharimet Nature Trail Guide, long a dream of the educational community at the school, is based on the Moharimet School Forest Stewardship and Nature Education Plan prepared by Charles Moreno. A major objective was to develop a circumferential trail around the school with established teaching stations identified along the route.  With the help of several key members of the community and school staf, this objective is finally realized.

The educational purpose of this website is to provide the opportunity for the community to learn about a local woodland ecosystem. There are many resources that accompany the guide and opportunities for the community to share their experiences with our school community. In the summer of 2011, 16 students ranging from grades second through sixth worked on developing a virtual nature trail along with cleaning the trail and writing up scientific descriptions along the trail. In addition, UNH ice hockey players adding 30 posts markers to mark the trail.  We are excited to share the work of many here.

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