21st Century Learning Expectations

Oyster River High School promotes a safe and nurturing community where the uniqueness of each member is valued. In this spirit, we are committed to becoming educated, ethical, responsible citizens who strive to contribute positively toward the betterment of ourselves, our school, our society and our world.

  1. Knowledgeable Person
    1. Possesses content knowledge obtained through a variety of educational experiences.
    2. Connects and relates content knowledge in new contexts
    3. Recognizes one’s own strengths and weaknesses
  2. Skilled Information Processor
    1. Gathers information and evaluates its validity
    2. Effectively translates issues and situations into manageable tasks that have a clear purpose
    3. Applies a variety of strategies to organize and interpret information
  3. Critical and Creative Thinker
    1. Actively engages in innovative and analytical thinking for a variety of purposes
    2. Constructively questions assumptions and preconceptions
    3. Expresses an independent and informed perspective
  4. Self-Directed Learner
    1. Comes to school prepared to learn
    2. Uses knowledge of one’s own strengths and weaknesses to set goals and make informed decisions
    3. Utilizes available resources for academic and non-academic successd.
    4. Takes initiative to complete tasks, meet deadlines, and achieve goals
  5. Responsible Citizen
    1. Seeks opportunities to participate positively and productively in our local and global communities
    2. Demonstrates ethical behavior and encourages others to do so as well
    3. Demonstrates awareness of and values personal and community health and wellness
    4. Demonstrates ethical and balanced use of technology
  6. Effective Communicator
    1. Clearly expresses ideas in a variety of formats, technologies, disciplines, and genres
    2. Uses evidence logically and ethically to support claims
    3. Advocates effectively for one’s own personal and academic needs
    4. Communicates with purpose, courtesy and respect
  7. Collaborative Worker
    1. Values others’ ideas and contributions
    2. Works cooperatively to achieve group goals
    3. Fulfills individual responsibilities for the betterment of the group

21st Century Learning Expectations

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