Pumpkin Carving Chuck Close Portraits Camp Lincoln
5th Graders on the Tigers Team at the Annual Pumpkin Carving Event
6th graders created portraits of themselves inspired by the art work of Chuck Close
6th graders traveled to Camp Lincoln for team-building activities
Welcome to the Oyster River Middle School

ORMS Mission and C.A.R.E. Philosophy The ORMS mission is to provide a creative and developmentally appropriate learning environment recognizing the educational, social, and emotional needs of every learner. Our goal is that every learner will develop skills needed to become a responsible, lifelong learner who is able to serve the school, community, and/or the world. Students and staff members at ORMS work within the C.A.R.E. philosophy.

To CARE at ORMS means to COMMUNICATE clearly, to have a positive ATTITUDE, to show RESPECT for self, others, and the school environment, and to make the EFFORT necessary to being a successful learner. This philosophy is reinforced throughout each school day at every grade level and in all school programs and activities.


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