Diversity Equity Inclusion and Justice

Adopted by the DEIJ Committee on December 12, 2021

OUR VISION of the Oyster River Cooperative School district's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Group is to create and sustain a school community that acknowledges, integrates, and honors a diversity of histories, identities, and lived experiences.

OUR WORK centers the concepts of anti-racism, equity, and justice within the K-12 educational experience and shapes compassionate and humanizing polices, practices, and procedures within our school systems and culture.


  1. Recognize and acknowledge the historical centering of dominant histories, lives, and experiences in our school district’s culture and curricula;

  2. Dismantle discriminatory systems and policies and establish ones that are equitable and inclusive;

  3. Disrupt instances of interpersonal discrimination and work to repair relationships among consenting parties;

  4. Prioritize the development and support of all faculty, staff, and administration in gaining the skills necessary for engaging in and sustaining this work;

  5. Communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow with the wider community around this work;

  6. Develop ongoing assessment, evaluation, and reflection tools that support us to maintain our vision, mission, and goals.