The Sustainability Committee is the newest ORCSD School Board appointed committee. The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to facilitate a sustainability forum by working and aligning with the five principles of sustainability in the areas of food, energy, transportation, school curriculum and community outreach. The Committee will demonstrate leadership and resolve to educate community members, and advocate for sustainable living. These recommendations will meet the needs of the students, taxpayers and be fiscally responsible.


  1. Will assist the Superintendent in development, formation and implementation of 'Green Teams.'
  2. Will serve as a resource to the School Board, the Administration and various Departments to implement sustainable practices to improve environmental efficiencies and reduce ecological impact at each school building, according to school district policy.
  3. May assist the Food Service in the implementation of the 'Kids Eat Local' program;
  4. May research, collate, and report on curriculum lessons that compliment and integrate Science Common Core and District Standards.
  5. Will work to integrate sustainability initiatives directly into the line items of the school district's budget.
  6. Will provide periodic summations on projects/initiatives and provide a written report at end of the school year, including any process and/or reporting recommendations for future years.

This important committee advises on District policy, procedure and sustainability efforts.


Susan Caswell  
Suzanne Filippone
Heather Smith

Community members interested in serving on the Sustainability Committee should contact Wendy at the Superintendent's office at [email protected]

Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Sustainability Management Plan - Draft 2021
Waste Management Report 2020

2015 Ecological Footprint Report (body).pdf

2012 Ecological Footprint Report
2011 Ecological Footprint Report