NH College and Career Readiness Standard are grade level student expectations that have been adopted by the State Board of Education to support student success in core academics, career and technical education, and other subjects. They are drawn from state frameworks and state and national standards. They are meant to guide ORCSD and other districts, as staff set students expectations, create curriculum, and decide what instructional practices work best for student learning.


Common Core Mathematics an English Language Arts(ELA) are two of the NH College and Career Readiness Standards. They are the most recent set of standards adopted. Click here to view Common Core State Standards.

Parent Road Maps are guides for parents. They offer information about what to expect in English Language Arts and Mathematics at each grade level. They also offer resources and tips for how to support your children at home.

Kindergarten ELA Math
First Grade ELA Math
Second Grade ELA Math
Third Grade ELA Math
Fourth Grade ELA Math
Fifth Grade ELA Math
Sixth Grade ELA Math
Seventh Grade ELA Math
Eighth Grade ELA Math
High School ELA Math