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For your convenience we now have an online free & reduced meal application process. Simply go to and apply today. The application is still processed in district by the director, and is not available to any other staff member. This will increase confidentiality as well as speed up the approval process. You can also download and fill out the paper form.

Every child has an account automatically created in our Titan K12 software system within one day of when they are registered in our district. This software allows parents to make online payments if they choose. It also allows parents to view their child's balance and purchases at their convenience. To either pay online or view your child's Titan account, simply go to: Titan Accounts and create your account using a valid email address. You will get an email with a link to confirm it. Next, all you need to do is add your child's account using their name and birth date. Be sure to enter the DOB using MM/DD/YYYY format. All your children can be added to this one account. The family portal is the place to go for filing a free and reduced application, to make payments or to view your child's balance and purchases.

If your child's account falls below $10.00 you will receive an email reminding you to make a deposit. If you do not use the account and it is at zero balance, you will not receive emails. Student meal accounts stay with them until graduation, there is no need to worry that money not spent by the end of the year will be lost, it will follow them into the next grade even if they change schools.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with your comments or concerns.
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Our breakfasts and lunches meet or exceed the nutrition standards established for all schools participating in the School Breakfast Program & National School Lunch Program.

Students MUST take a fruit or a vegetable in order for the meal to qualify as a reimbursable meal, in other words, if they do not each item must be charged separately.

The regulations require subcategories for vegetables that include beans/legumes, dark green & orange/red vegetable minimums, and starchy vegetable limits. The amounts vary depending on your child's grade. In addition to meeting or exceeding these requirements, we strive to incorporate a variety of foods into our lunch menus that are low in fat, saturated fat, and salt.

Previous maximums on grains and proteins have now been waived by the USDA. Menus are analyzed to ensure they are meeting the minimum requirements for calories, fat, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C. School lunches are to provide 1/3 of the Recommended Daily Allowances (RDA) for healthy children.

It is a well known fact that well-nourished children perform better in school and have higher test scores. At Oyster River, you can be assured that a lot of care has been taken when creating your child's menu at school.

Doris Demers, DTR, SNS
Child Nutrition Director
603-868-5100 ext 2012       

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