Breakfast & Lunch Menus

$1.25 Grades K-8 $1.50 Grades 9-12 $2.50 Adu

$3.00 K-5  $3.25  Grades 6-8 $3.50 Grades 9-12 $4.75 Adult

Families who qualify for reduced meals will get one FREE breakfast and one free lunch daily this year!
Free breakfast is thanks to the governor's signing of NH Senate Bill 82 to cover the .30 charge, and free lunch is thanks to the school board vote to let the district cover the .40 charge.


1. You can monitor your child's purchases and account balance.
2. You can make payments as needed, even set up automatic payments so you don't forget.
3. You can create preferences for your child and limit their spending.
4. MS & HS students are not allowed to charge - make sure they always have funds on hand for the things they need.
5. You can file a CONFIDENTIAL free and reduced application. You may qualify and not know it. 
6. Coming soon!  You can purchase ORCSD Care to insure when your child drops that laptop or iPad it won't break the bank to get it fixed. 

If your child has a food allergy, please download and print out this form, have your child's medical provider fill it out, and return it to the school nurse at your child's school. 
Special Dietary Medical Statement

Would you like to join our team? We are looking for happy, energetic people to work in our kitchens.  Call or email Doris Demers at 603-389-3310 [email protected]

Winter 2023 Breakfast Menu

Mast Way & Moharimet February Menu

Middle School February Menu

High School February Menu

Mast Way March Menu (Read Across America Week version)

Mast Way & Moharimet March Menu

Middle School March Menu

High School March Menu

The nation-wide supply chain issues due to difficulty in the sourcing of raw product, manufacturing due to labor shortages, and lack of delivery drivers may occasionally require us to alter menus with little or no notice. While there have been just a few times this has happened to date, some products are becoming increasingly less available. We will make menu substitutions based on the products we are able to receive. Menu changes may vary by school based on product availability from distributors and/or what is on hand at each location. We promise to provide a meal that your children will enjoy, and we will continue to meet or exceed all USDA requirements. Thank you for understanding and & for your support of our program.

If you haven't applied for free or reduced meals you can do it quickly and easily at  this is helpful for funding other programs as well as scholarships for other fees if you qualify.
All students get free breakfast and lunch regardless of eligibility. 


  A veggie & fruit option will be included with each lunch regardless of entrée choice.

Yogurt Plate consists of 4oz. of yogurt, a cheese stick a soft pretzel, and the fruits and veggies that are on the menu for that day


Our menu is planned a month in advance. Occasionally weather or an out of stock item from our distributor may cause a change in menu. We apologize for any inconvenience. Any menu changes will be announced at your child's school.

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