Lunch Menus

Students who qualify for reduced price meals get their meals FREE thanks to a recent new bill in state legislation (breakfast) and generous donations from our community. 
If you haven't applied for free or reduced meals you can do it quickly and easily at

February 2021 Breakfast Menu

February 2021 Lunch Menu

March 2021 Breakfast Menu

March 2021 Lunch Menu

1% Low-fat, Fat-free low-fat flavored milk choices are a part of each school meal.


Choose Main meal, Yogurt Plate or *Deli Sandwich. Your meal will include the entrée and all components, we no longer have the labor to customize each order. 

* Deli sandwich choice is only available at MS, HS, or pick up lunches.

Please submit a form for each child, (no multiple names on one form please)  whether they will be in school or remote learning for this meal. If you will be picking up remote meals, all meals can be picked up at the HS in the bus loop between 11:30 and 12:30 daily. 

Choose the school where you or your child will get the meal (Example: A child who normally goes to MW is remote and picking up meals - choose HS)

All children 18 and under eat free until further notice.

We want to make your life easier!  Order for everyone in your household!

If you wish to order an extra FREE meal for a younger sibling not in school, put the your student's name and add sibling, if you would like to order for yourself, put a child's name followed by "Parent" and we will charge your child's account the adult meal price: $2.00 for Breakfast and $4.50 for lunch.Please check account balances at to assure your child does not have a negative balance. No funds are needed at this time unless you are purchasing adult meals.

MEAL ORDER FORMS -  NOT DELIVERIES – in school and HS pick up
(Pick up is M, T, Th)

Monday, March 1

Tuesday, March 2

Wednesday, March 3

Thursday, March 4

Friday, March 5

NEIGHBORHOOD DROP MEAL ORDER LINKS – only for specific neighborhoods listed on the order form. If you do not live on these streets please use the links above.
 Moharimet Drive has been added! (Deliveries are M, T, Th) 

Drop link for Monday, March 1

Drop link for Tuesday, March 2

Drop link for Wednesday, March 3

Drop link for Thursday, March 4

Drop link for Friday, March 5

Please be aware that we do not always get the produce ordered or it's refused because of poor quality. When that happens we will substitute other items. This is the same for other menu items. Not all products are always available and our menu is created weeks in advance. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Order forms will be sent home weekly until our new pre-ordering software is live.

  At the elementary school levels, 

Children can choose between the main meals and a yogurt plate.
A veggie & fruit option will be included with each lunch regardless of entrée choice.

Yogurt Plate consists of 4oz. of yogurt, a cheese stick a soft pretzel, and the fruits and veggies that are on the menu for that day


Our menu is planned a month in advance. Occasionally winter weather or an out of stock item from our distributor may cause a change in menu. We apologize for any inconvenience. Any menu changes will be announced at your child's school.

New families click here  End 68 Hours Sign-up Form
(no income qualification for this service)

Payments can be made online at or drop/mail payment in advance to ORCN, 33 Coe Dr., Durham, NH 03824. Charging is not allowed at Middle School and High School. Please be sure your child's account has adequate funds to cover his/her purchases so as not to embarrass the child.

Automatic Low Balance notices will be sent by email three days per week once your

To apply for Free & Reduced benefits go to A new application will cover the upcoming school year.

Lunch prices:

Grades K-4: $2.75, free for reduced or free students

Grades 5-8: $3.00, free for reduced or free students

Grades 9-12: $3.25, free for reduced or free students

Adult Lunches $4.50 and still the best deal in town


Adult breakfast is $2.00.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

. Their Titan account can be used for all school purchases.

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