NH Kid Governor 2022

Oyster River 5th Graders Vote in 2022 NH Kid Governor Election
Posted on 11/21/2022
2022 NH Kid GovernorFriday, Nov. 4, 2022

Oyster River Fifth-Graders Study Democracy, Will Vote in NH Kid Governor Election

DURHAM – Superintendent James Morse and Principal Jay Richard are pleased to share that Oyster River Middle School fifth-grade students are learning the principles of democracy and free elections, and will vote in the statewide NH Kid Governor election on Thursday, Nov. 10.

Fifth-grade teachers embedded lessons from the NH Kid Governor program into the curriculum, imparting information about the state’s three branches of government, the role of the governor, how to research issues and develop campaign platforms, and how to vote and hold elections.

ORMS students met virtually with First Spouse Valerie Sununu and 2021 NH Kid Governor Charlotte Cotti and asked questions about voting and the role of the First Spouse.

"It is a great privilege and responsibility for me to do whatever I can to support programs like NH Kid Governor and civics education in general. The more we can teach our youngest citizens about how our republic works and how to participate in a representative democracy the more we can empower them to take care of our country, our voices and our freedom,” First Spouse Sununu said. “My absolute favorite part is taking open-ended questions from the students -- I love how the kids from ORCSD wanted to know what the roles and responsibilities of a First Spouse are, which is one of the most flexible and open-ended positions in civic leadership. I like how they learned that rather than “First Lady” they can say “First Spouse” to be more inclusive of anyone who takes this position."

Fifth-graders from across New Hampshire run for Kid Governor, developing their campaign platform and recording a video.

Fifth-grade teacher Diana Pelletier coordinated with the Town of Durham, arranging a visit by Town Clerk Lorrie Pitt and Deputy Town Clerk Rachel Deane. Pitt and Deane explained their duties and registered students to vote on Nov. 10. Each student received a voter card.

“It was so wonderful getting to know the students and answering their many questions,” Pitt said. “We are very excited to be part of and assist with the Kid Governor election.”

On Nov. 10, ORMS students will walk to Durham Town Hall and cast their ballot for one of seven NH Kid Governor candidates. Voting will take place from 12-2 p.m.

Students will present their voter card to election supervisors, who will check them in and hand them a ballot. Students will vote in actual voting booths and place their filled-in ballot in Durham's wooden ballot box, which dates to 1916.

"What a great opportunity for our students to learn about the process of government,” Superintendent Morse said. “Good citizenship is vital to our democracy, and these students will carry these important lessons their entire lives."

Superintendent Morse and Principal Richard wish to thank the NH Kid Governor organization and the Town of Durham for their guidance and support.