Every School has a story.  Sustainability, Academics, Safety, and Wellness is the story behind our New Oyster River Middle School.

The following Statements of Significance are the result of a Visioning exercise with community leaders, students, staff, educators, and parents. These Statements are our Guiding Principles to ensure meaningful and memorable planning decisions are made during the process of creating our new learning environment.  These Principles will ensure strategies and measures implemented within the design include Indicators of Quality that support our Vision.

Building as Teacher

Our new middle school will be a teaching tool for environmental sustainability that provides optimal learning spaces that meet the needs of all students within a student-centered environment; composed of flexible teaching spaces that promote a variety of instructional practices for multi-sized collaborative groups and individual work.  

An Inclusive Environment

Our new middle school spaces will be fully accessible, ADA-compliant, and supportive to all individuals, with and without disabilities; designed to meet all acoustical, physical, medical, emotional, lighting, and academic needs.     

Student Focused Building

Our students will experience an efficient and well-designed school focused on a logical organization of classrooms and traditionally non-instructional spaces to create an integrated learning environment; which minimizes travel time by providing right-sized and conveniently located student storage spaces. 

Anytime, Anywhere, Learning

Our efficiently designed school will optimize our student’s learning experience by supporting an enhanced master schedule; which allows for more academic time due to optimized spatial connections, right-sized spaces, specialized music spaces, enhanced PE spaces, and a dining space that accommodates two lunch periods.   

An Environment to Support Learning

Our furniture, equipment, and technology systems will be purposefully selected to support adolescent developmental needs and provide flexibility in teaching practices; whereby products and infrastructure systems support current and future technologies, while radically reducing the carbon footprint of our new middle school.

Safe, Secure, Welcoming, and Inspiring

Our new school will provide a safe and secure environment, including carefully designed traffic and pedestrian flows that create an inviting and attractive main entrance; while sustainably designing indoor and outdoor spaces that provide learning experience and student work display opportunities.  

A Future-ready Environment

Our new school will be a flexible design to support future changes in education and to ensure future occupants of this school will say: “…this building was well designed to meet the needs of children…”

Community Centered

Our ORCSD community will utilize a state-of-the-art, sustainable facility that supports year-round community events, continue established relationships with UNH and the public library; through offering classroom and specialized spaces, such as the gym and music hall, for community and/or recreation use.