What We Care About

1. Every Student. Every student has talents, skills, an ability to learn and an ability to contribute to our school community. We strive to help each and every student to thrive and reach his/her full potential.

2. Individualized Learning. Students have a wide variety of learning styles and interests and begin the school year with varying levels of knowledge and skills. We value this individuality and work to create learning environments that build on each student's interests and strengths, address each student's unique educational needs, and provide students with choices and options for the paths they will take to achieve educational outcomes.

3. Inclusion and Heterogeneous Groupings. We value the right of our children to participate fully in the classroom with respect for all students' social, civil and educational opportunities and rights. Our classroom approach is based on combining students of all learning styles and varying skills and abilities into single classroom settings in which all students learn together in cooperative learning arrangements. This practice is focused on ensuring high academic standards for all students and is designed to provide all students with the advantages of the highest quality methodologies and instructional practices.

4. Small Student to Teacher Ratios. Our commitment to individualized learning and heterogeneous groupings means that teachers must have the time they need to tailor assignments and work with students one-on-one and/or in small groups of students. To this end we work to keep our class size small and/or to provide other mechanisms that enable teachers to provide students with the individual attention they need.

5. Dynamic and Stimulating Faculty. Our faculties are our most valuable resource. Their ability to engage, encourage, and challenge students is absolutely central to everything we do. Consequently, we seek to hire the very best professionals in the field and to provide them with the support, recognition and opportunities for professional growth that will enable them to give our students the very best instruction possible.

6. Visionary School Leaders. Education and learning are not static endeavors. We recognize that our ability to respond to the changing needs of our students and communities and our ability to continuously improve the education we provide depends in large part on our ability to hire and support visionary leaders - both at the school and at the district level.

7. Genuine Parent Involvement. Student achievement depends on a strong partnership between students, teachers, the community and parents. Research clearly demonstrates that parent involvement has a significant impact on student achievement. Consequently, we seek to actively engage parents in meaningful ways in their children's education. At ORCSD we see meaningful parental involvement as a central to achieving our educational mission.