The Moharimet Counseling Department supports an emotionally and physically safe culture at school.

Through classroom lessons, small groups, and individual sessions, students are supported to achieve academic and social-emotional success. For instance, we teach how to manage big emotions, how to get along with others, and problem solving, including being flexible in our thinking.

Although there may be times when a student’s ability to fully participate in school may be affected by events happening outside of school (e.g., health issues, family changes, grief/loss), our work focuses on helping students develop skills and strategies to be the best students that they can be.

We can also provide families with a list of resources for outside therapists should a child need more than what can be provided within a school setting.  

Open Circle and MOH TIME

Open Circle is taught by classroom teachers for half an hour each week and focuses on core social skills such as listening, responding to annoying behaviors, responding to bullying behavior, problem solving and managing big emotions.

Every student, at every grade level, also participates in MOH TIME, as a part of the Encore (Art, music and P.E.) rotation. These 45-minute lessons are taught by the school counselor, expand on Open Circle topics, and give students the opportunity to further practice skills through experiential activities.

Many of these lessons use the Social Thinking Curriculum that teaches students about flexible thinking and emotional regulation.

Carina Dolcino

Moharimet School Counselor