School Snack Policy

Oyster River Cooperative School District is committed to the health and safety of all students emotionally and physically. The state and federal governments have initiated mandates on policies related to physical activity and nutrition in school. Our district has always been concerned with these areas and these mandates and new district wellness policy as related to physical activity and nutrition, solidify our beliefs and efforts toward supporting the wellness of our students.

Mast Way is adding to this policy our school policy about personal celebrations such as birthdays:

Mast Way takes diligent efforts to recognize individual students for their merits, accomplishments and special events. The principal will acknowledge each child's birthday. We cannot guarantee a special, home based celebration for every student's birthday. We want an equal experience for all children. We will NOT be accepting outside prizes, gifts or food to celebrate. Curriculum based celebrations will occur under the direction of the classroom teacher keeping in mind special dietary situations that may need to be considered. No group or community based food will be brought into the school other than that which has been directed by the classroom teacher.