E-Waste Collection April 8-19, 2024

A graphic showing a computer monitor, tower, keyboard, mouse and speaker.

ORCSD schools will be collecting electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) between April 8-19, 2024.

We strongly recommend that you completely wipe your device(s) prior to drop-off. The ORCSD is not responsible for the data on the donated devices and is unable to assist with data removal.

Drop-off locations (during business hours only)

  • Mast Way School: front office
  • Moharimet School: vestibule outside the main office
  • Oyster River Middle School: front office
  • Oyster River High School: front entrance breezeway

The Sustainability Committee will also be collecting e-waste at the April 11 Community Dinner in the Oyster River High School cafeteria.

Eligible Items:

  • Cell phones
  • Laptops and tower computers
  • LCD monitors and computer projectors
  • Keyboards and mice
  • Computer parts, including speakers
  • Hard drives and USB devices
  • Functional laser printers
  • MAC laptops and Apple computers
  • Network servers, switches, firewalls
  • LCD TV's with VGA, HDMI or DVI
  • Gaming systems: Xbox, Sony Play Station, Nintendo
  • Educational software and games
  • Studio video equipmentmicrophones
  • Mixers KVM Equipment
  • Functional digital cameras
  • Media players