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Acadience, STAR, the NH SAS, and the PSAT/SAT testing are the three districtwide assessments administered at the ORCSD. The Acadience and STAR Assessments are curriculum-based measurements that are used for benchmarking at regular intervals and monitoring progress allowing for long-term instructional goals with an end grade level objective. The NH SAS and the SAT are statewide assessments administered to certain grade levels at the local level by our faculty and staff. The PSAT’s are optional tests that are administered for merit scholarship and SAT preparation. These are summative snapshots of a student’s learning and performance.

Individual student scores are one of several measures that are used to help teachers and families understand student progress. The ORCSD Multi-Tiered Systems of Support teams can also use the STAR and SAS, as well as other data, to assess student growth and achievement. As a parent you will be seeing this data as only one point of information about your student(s)’s academic achievement. 

Acadience is typically administered three times a year to students in Kindergarten and First grade. The Acadience assessment is a diagnostic test that helps teachers understand where students are in their learning. For more information, please visit Acadience Learning

STAR is typically administered three times a year to students in second to ninth grade. For the past few years (since the return from the pandemic) we have administered the STAR to students in grade 10. See below for frequently asked questions. 

SAS statewide test is administered in spring, your child participated in the New Hampshire Statewide Assessment System (NH SAS) assessment in English Language Arts (reading and writing) and Mathematics in grades 3-8 and in science for students in grades 5, 8 and 11. The NH SAS will be introducing new writing prompts this year across Grades 3-8, along with a new scoring rubric for the narrative writing prompts. The state will be releasing more information to schools at a later date. For frequently asked questions please visit the NH DOE website

SAT statewide test is administered to the 11th grade in the spring during the school day assessment. For additional information, please visit the NH DOE School Day SAT webpage

In addition to the STAR, SAS and SAT’s the high school does offer the 11th grade the PSAT NMSQT test in the fall and the 10th grade the PSAT in the spring, during the school day. The PSAT NMSQT is the exact same test as the PSAT 10— except that a sufficiently high score on the PSAT/NMSQT can qualify students for a National Merit Scholarship. The PSAT is primarily used for practice for the SAT and can help identify areas of strength and growth for the SAT preparation. For further information please visit the Princeton Review

Civics Test Requirement for Graduation
Recent change to the NH high school graduation requirements have been made by Governor Sununu, Commissioner Edelblut, and our State Legislature. The change to graduation requirements is statewide and impacts all students graduating from high school within New Hampshire. House Bill 157:1, effective July 1, 2023, requires students to pass a locally developed competency assessment in civics, and pass the naturalization examination developed by the 2020 United States Citizen and Immigration Services with a 70 percent or better, to graduate from high school. School districts are required to submit the results of both tests by June 30th of each year to the NH DOE. This exam is given to all ORHS students as a universal state requirement. 


* Specific Dates for the SAS and STAR are determined by each school, principals will reach out to families with specifics.

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