A montage of four photos of Oyster River bus drivers.


About the Transportation Department

ORCSD Transportation Department provides transportation to and from the district's four schools.

If you are looking for a bus route or schedule, please visit our Bus Routes & Boudaries page.

Transportation's goals:

  1. Provide safe bus routes
  2. A maximum ride time of 40 minutes
  3. Minimize transportation costs

Transportation is busy transporting students most of the day. In addition to regular AM/PM bus routes, transportation provides for Vocational students to and from three Career Technology Centers, Preschool Program, Mid-Day special transportation, Field Trips in and out of four schools, Athletics for the Middle School and High School, and Activity Buses (Late Run) four days a week.

ORCSD Bus drivers are the very best! They work hard all day to provide the safest, most professional school transportation for our community's children. Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa or Nancy in ORCSD Transportation with questions, comments, and feedback.

We'd love to hear from you!

We welcome community feedback, good and not so good, at (603) 868-1610, by email, or by completing the forms below.

Lisa Huppe

Transportation Dispatcher

Did you know?

Your Oyster River Transportation team

has over 662 years of experience transporting children

(with 462 of those for Oyster River)!