Oyster River High School Student Receives NH Civics Award

A photo of Oyster River High School student Anna Klein receiving her NH Civics prize on stage.

Photo courtesy of NH Civics

The Oyster River Cooperative School District proudly announces that Oyster River High School sophomore Anna Klein recently received a NH Civics Award for her research on the impact of women’s suffrage.

Klein’s paper, "The True Impact of Women's Suffrage," was selected by judges at the state’s National History Day competition on April 15 at Plymouth State University.

National History Day encourages middle and high school students to dive deeply into the past by conducting extensive research in libraries, archives, and museums. Their work is evaluated by professional historians and educators. Through this process, students develop skills in communication, project management, and historical research.

Klein’s paper reads in part, “The impact that women have on America today proves that the struggles women had to go through to gain suffrage were worth it. While there is still room for improvement, we as a society have come a long way… (There) are many women in positions who we can look up to, admire, and learn from. While it may seem like a small moment in history, the suffragists who fought for the 19th Amendment made an impact far beyond their years.”

The award carries a $100 prize. Klein placed third in her category and she, along with four other Oyster River High School students, will compete in the national competition at the University of Maryland in June.

“Anna’s daily dedication to insightful scholarship, in tandem with her far-reaching goals, are further and very personal proof of her National History Day thesis – that America’s young women may and must play a central role in our polity,” said Nate Grove, Klein’s U.S. History teacher. “Regardless of the future path Anna may follow, I am certain our civil society will be the direct beneficiary.”

Visit the NH Civics website at www.nhcivics.org.