ORHS Students Inducted to National Computer Science Honor Society

Front row: Lauren, Maya, William. Back row: Sree, Felix, James, Olaf, Andre

Front row: Lauren, Maya, and William | Back row: Sree, Felix, James, Olaf, and Andre

Eight Oyster River High School students were inducted to the National Computer Science Honor Society this school year. This remarkable accomplishment is a celebration of their academic excellence and passion for computer science, as well as highlights their commitment to leadership and community service.

The inductees are James Brower, Andre Carneiro, Maya More, Lauren Pang, Felix Scarlat, William VanCamp, Sree Ventrapragada, and Olaf Woodall.

Oyster River’s Society is a student-led approach which means members actively participate in decision-making processes, playing a pivotal role in selecting projects and volunteer opportunities. President Anika Pant, Vice President Maggie Zhang, Secretary Mihira Govindarajula, and Volunteer Coordinator Courtney Giroux form a dynamic team.

A significant part of the group’s 2023-2024 community outreach initiatives has been dedicated to Mast Way School, where students volunteered their time to help younger students grasp the fundamentals of programming.

During meetings, students engage in various activities bridging computer science with other fields of interest. Many members share a strong enthusiasm for robotics, leading to exciting interdisciplinary collaborations and enriching their educational experience.

The Society also provides a dedicated space for students to explore and deepen their understanding of computer science. This environment becomes a hub for collaborative learning, with members pooling their knowledge and skills to tackle various projects. For instance, if a student is grappling with Arduino programming, another student with expertise in the area will step in to provide valuable guidance and support.

Congratulations to our 2023-2024 inductees!