2024 Sugaring Season at Moharimet

A photo of volunteer Jim Davis showing Moharimet students and volunteers how to tap and hang baskets on maple trees.

It’s sugaring season and Moharimet students of all grade levels were invited to take part in the school’s sugaring efforts.

Physical Education Teacher Jessica Whalen coordinated groups and volunteers so that all students could partake in the activity the week of February 5, 2024.

This is the earliest sugaring season in Moharimet’s history.

Principal Goldsmith would like to thank Jim Davis, Lizzie Higginson, the entire Moharimet team, parents, caregivers, and community volunteers who helped students tap the maple trees.

We continue to hang buckets and are beginning to collect sap. The maple syrup will be available for sale in the coming weeks and served during the school’s annual Pancake Breakfast on April 13, 2024. This will be Moharimet’s 20th Pancake Breakfast. We look forward to seeing you there!