ORMS Students Qualify for VEX IQ Robotics World Championship

A photo of Oyster River studnets controlling their robot during the February 18 state challenge at Manchester Community College

Three of the 14 Oyster River Middle School teams who competed in the 2024 VEX IQ State Competition on Sunday, February 18, 2024, qualified for the 2024 VEX Robotics World Championship. The world championship will be held in Dallas, May 1-3, 2024.

The state competition was hosted by Manchester Community College and attracted a large crowd of supporters. Only three teams could qualify for the world championship this year and Oyster River students claimed all three spots.

This year’s challenge was played on a configurated rectangular field where two robots collaborated during a 60 second match and worked together to score points. Details about the challenge may be found here.

For the last few months, students spent countless hours designing, building, and programming their robots, all while working on their teamwork and problem-solving skills. Their commitment and perseverance shone as they demonstrated exceptional performances on and off the competition table.

Congratulations to all participants and the following Oyster River Middle School teams who qualified for Worlds.

  • 2820D Scrapbots: Devin More (8th grade), Ryker Andersen (8th grade), Nicholas Kun (8th grade), Jackson Sullivan (8th grade)
  • 2820G One Step Behind: Ian Couture (8th grade), Colin Chu (8th grade), Brayden Alvarez (8th grade), Sam Nunoo-Quarcoo (8th grade), Cavan Wrocklage (8th grade)
  • 2820W Roborats: Steffi Chen (8th), Olivia Kavanagh (8th grade), Yang Kong (7th grade), Devon Wilson (7th grade)

Six Oyster River teams also earned eight special awards. You may learn more about each award here.

Design Award:

  • Fiona Liu, Diya Sridharan, Rina Han, and Olivia Liu

Create Award:

  • Yizhou Zhao, Ian Zhou, Tino Leo, Sid Arthanat, and Ryan Keyes

Teamwork Champions Award:

  • Devin More, Ryker Andersen, Nick Run, and Jackson Sullivan

Amaze & Teamwork Champions Award:

  • Ian Couture, Colin Chu, Brayden Alvarez, Sam Nunoo-Quarcoo, and Cavan Wrocklage

Excellence & Skills Champion Award:

  • Steffi Chen, Olivia Kavanaugh, Yuan Kong, and Devon Wilson

Judges Award:

  • Parker Ahn, Owen Pierce, Theo Wilson, and Cormac O’Neill

Oyster River students getting ready for the competition in Manchester

Spirits were high as students prepared for the competition.

Students competing in skill challenges during the February 18 state challenge.

Students had the opportunity to also compete in skills challenges.

A large crowd of supporters watching the competition in manchester

The event drew a large crowd of supporters who cheered on the competing teams.