A Full House Coffee House

Micah Bessette during his January 25, 2024, Coffee House performance at the Oyster River High School.

On January 25, 2024, in the bustling Multi-Purpose Room of Oyster River High School, numerous students, staff, family and community members attended a crowded Coffee House. While Coffee House is a memorable evening filled with live art performances, it is also a launch celebration hosted quarterly by the editorial team of Oyster River’s award-winning student publication Mouth of the River (MOR).

Like Mouth of the River, Coffee House is a platform for students to express their creativity and display their talents. From soulful original songs and covers to poetry, the January event was an excellent example of Oyster River’s vibrant and multi-talented community.

The room was abuzz with excitement as students eagerly awaited their turn to perform. The atmosphere was electric, with each new performance adding a unique flavor to the evening. The support and enthusiasm from the audience were palpable, creating a sense of community and camaraderie.

Oyster River High School Senior Micah Bessette said, "Coffee House is a way for community members to come together and present their art, whether it be music, poetry, or another form. The energy is always positive and as a performer it always feels welcoming to get up on the stage. Everyone is always super supportive of one another!"

Senior Delaney Nadeau added, “Coffee House is an incredible opportunity for not only Mouth of the River to celebrate the release of its new issue but also to be able to recognize the musical and artistic talent of Oyster River High School students as a community."

Attending Coffee House supports Oyster River students as the cover charge is not just a ticket to a memorable night; it also serves a greater cause. All funds collected support Mouth of the River’s publication costs, ensuring that the creative and informational outlet remains accessible and sustainable.

A photograph of a large audience attending the January Coffee House in the Oyster River High School Multipurpose room.

The event included multiple performances of live music and poetry.