School Counselor Street

On Call System

Each student is assigned to one of four counselors at the Middle School.

But what if your counselor is busy with another student or teaching a class and you need to check in with someone?

No problem!  We've got an On Call Counselor at ORMS!

Each day, one counselor will have a cleared schedule so that they are available for walk-in appointments.

What if the On Call Counselor is busy with another student?

No problem! If it is an emergency, you can head over to the Main Office to speak with an administrator.

If it is not an emergency, you can fill out a form and leave it in our folder and the On Call Counselor will find you ASAP.

We are here for you!

Things to remember:

  1. Please ask your teacher to visit the counseling offices before leaving the classroom - Having a pass is helpful.
  2. If nobody is available, please fill out a form and return to class. The On Call Counselor will find you when they are available.
  3. If a counselor is not available and you are experiencing an emergency, please visit the main office for support.
  4. When you leave the counseling office, please head straight back to class. The counselor will provide you with a pass.