Quick Tip

Our Quick Tip reporting system is no longer anonymous

Tips are handled privately and with the confidentiality permitted by law.

Quick Tip is designed to help students grades 5 to 12 report unsafe behavior to adults when they are uncomfortable coming forward in person. Students may use their laptops or log into their ORCSD account to report a concern.

Parents and Guardians with concerns should contact their school administration by phone or email.

Quick Tip Reporting Guidelines

  1. If this is an emergency situation call 911
    1. Potential for harm to self or others
    2. Concerns for weapons
  2. Administration will check Quick Tips at the beginning and end of each school day (Quick Tips will not be checked when school is not in session, i.e. vacations, holidays)
  3. Issues that require more immediate attention should be reported to a staff member
  4. Tips are handled privately and with the confidentiality permitted by law.
  5. Answer questions with as much detail as possible.
  6. False reporting is strictly prohibited! All information received by the school may be passed on to law enforcement. False Reports to Law Enforcement are punishable under NH RSA 641:4.

Categories of Reporting

  1. Illegal activity on campus (drugs, alcohol, theft, etc.)
  2. Bullying/Harassing Behavior
  3. Violations of School Rules
  4. Potential for physical harm to self or others
  5. Discrimination

Click HERE to access the webform: ORMS Quick Tip (office.com)

  1. Open the webform
  2. Select Topic category
  3. Enter your message
  4. Upload a file (if applicable)
  5. Submit your tip