Moharimet Kicks Off Year of Water

A photo of Oyster River Middle School Student teaching Moharimet Elementary School kindergarten students about watersheds.

DURHAM – Principal David Goldsmith is pleased to share that Moharimet Elementary School students kicked off their “Year of Water” program during a special activity supported by community partners and Oyster River Middle School students.

During each school year Moharimet students participate in an enrichment program focused on a single important topic. Previous “Year Of” programs included art, farming, the forest, and diversity. Each program focuses on experiential learning with hands-on activities.


"We have such a strong extended community that each year our themes are supported by local residents," Principal Goldsmith said. "This day was amazing. We had so many booths exploring different aspects of water, from recreation and conservation to engineering and animal science. All students were able to find topics that wowed them and sparked their curiosity."

Five Oyster River Middle School eighth grade students – Keely Duggan, Ada Gerard, Zadi Hale, Lucille Higginson, and Joseph Piparo – presented a program on watersheds and their importance to the environment.


Oyster River Middle School Teacher Michele Martin coordinated the opportunity for eighth grade students to visit the elementary school. Martin said: “There is something unique and special about this kind of mentoring opportunity. The instant community building and natural connections that form for the eighth graders and younger students created a meaningful experience for everyone.”


"I think it was really interesting to learn something new and then be able to adapt it for students that are younger than us," said Gerard. “I’ve always known I wanted to be in the science field, so I was super excited to be able to teach kids something I’m passionate about and inspire the next generation of scientists."


Principal Goldsmith and the District wish to recognize and thank the community partners who supported the students: Moharimet parents Mike Decoteau, Paula Moser, Tara Hicks Johnson (representing the University of New Hampshire), Michele Martin (Grade 8 teacher), and Heather Smith (School Board member); Moharimet Literacy Specialist Liz Birnam; community member Bill McEntee; Lara Hooper of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services; Ryan Harris and Lindsay Webb of New Hampshire Fish and Game; Matt Collins of Durham Waste Water; David Buck of Shoals Marine Lab; the New Hampshire Marine Patrol; University of New Hampshire Marine Docents; and Seven Rivers Paddling.


Oyster River Middle School students with their watershed display.

Oyster River Middle School students with their watershed display. From left to right: Keely Duggan, Ada Gerard, Lucille Higginson, Zadi Hale, and Joseph Piparo.

A Moharimet team member teaches kindergarten students about surfing.

A community member teachers kindergarten students about fluid dynamics.

A community member teaches kindergarten students about fluid dynamics.