ORMS Coffee Connection

A photo of the Oyster River Middle School Coffee Connection coffee shop including a large wooden sign created by students at school.

Updated 12/20/2023: You may read the full press release here.

Did you know dedicated Oyster River Middle School staff and students operate a coffee shop called "Coffee Connection" providing service to middle school staff?

Every Wednesday morning and afternoon during the school year, students prepare hot beverages in the second floor's kitchen and offer baked goods to their teachers and middle school employees.

The beloved coffee shop was an idea implemented by Special Education Teacher Robin Grondin and Occupational Therapist Sarah Wilson.

"When Ms. Wilson and I started Coffee Connection, we could not have imagined where the students would take it", said Ms. Grondin. "We began this project to provide a way for our students to practice their social communication and functional life skills. What we have seen develop over time is a team of determined, hard-working students who practice these and many other skills while also spreading joy to our school staff."

Middle School students love being a part of the initiative and are proud to create their caffeinated beverages. In the process, they learn about the importance of hard work and making a diference in their school community.

But don't take our word for it, read what they have to say:

  • “Coffee Connection is so important because I can take some orders. I love taking orders of coffee, tea and hot chocolate for all the teachers. It makes them happy.” Jaagruth Odugu, 8th grade student
  • “I see teachers in a fun way.” Abby Wyckoff, 7th grade student
  • “I think it is fun. I get paid for it in “fun”. It’s called knowledge mixed with fun.” Madeline Provencher, 6th grade student
  • Coffee Connection is important because of my specials, King of Caramel and Melody of Mocha. It's fun making these." Damon Shafer, 5th grade student

Principal Sullivan and Assistant Principal Carter are often seen getting their coffee and snacks from the coffee shop.

Oyster River Middle School students of all grade levels can contribute by creating special beverages.

In the process of creating different beverages for school staff members, students learn about the importance of hard work and making a diference in their school community.