ORMS Hosts Dodgeball Fundraiser

Oyster River middle school students shown enjoying the musical cakes activity during the fundraiser.

On Friday December 1, 2023, Oyster River Middle School (ORMS) hosted a dodgeball fundraiser, a first in its history. Over $3,000 was raised to support eighth grade students' trip to Washington, DC, in April 2024.  

Fifth and sixth grade students competed in the gym together first, followed by seventh and eighth grade students. Meanwhile, ORMS team members and volunteers hosted a very popular Musical Cakes activity in the Learning Commons.  

ORMS Principal Sullivan and Assistant Principal Carter would like to express their gratitude to ORMS staff and volunteers who brought in cakes or cupcakes. Over 60 cakes were donated for the event, which was a huge success. 

A special shoutout to Math Teacher Julia Widelski whose two homemade cakes were the highlights of the night. One of Ms. Widelski's cakes had the ORMS Bobcat logo, and the other was created with a dodgeball theme including a full-size dodgeball. 

Hosting this event would not have been made possible without the help of staff who played in the tournament as well as those who assisted with the organization and facilitation of the night. 

A parent in attendance said, “The ORMS staff was kid-focused and positive. We are so thankful that you supported this night.” 

Students pictured playing dodgeball in the middle school gym.

Middle school students enjoyed energetic dodgeball games in the gym. 

Middle school students shown enjoying the musical cakes activity.

The Musical Cake activity was popular amongst students and a DJ played music for all to enjoy.

Middle school students proudly displaying a cake they won during the musical cakes activity.

Over 60 cakes were donated for the fundraiser, and the funds raised will support eighth grade students' fieldtrip to Washington, DC, in April 2024.