Inspiring Young Minds: Diya's Robotics Club

A photo of Oyster River Middle School Student Diya Sridharan with the caption: Inspiring young minds, Diya's Robotics Club

A remarkable initiative took place at Moharimet School during the fall of 2023 thanks to the enthusiasm and dedication of one former student, Diyashree Sridharan. Diyashree who now attends Oyster River Middle School, is known to those close to her as “Diya”.

Diya's passion for robotics and desire to give back to her community inspired her to create a robotics club for Moharimet’s third grade students which was offered in fall of 2023. Over the course of five weeks, Diya offered once weekly 60-minute sessions using LEGO WeDo kits to introduce students to the world of robotics.

“I have always loved teaching and computer science and I wanted to make a positive impact”, said Diya. “The inspiration came from my robotics coaches and mentors, especially Jenna Bergevin, my Lego Robotics coach. I knew I wanted to spark a light in young minds and help them grow their interest in robotics.”

Drawing from her experience and inspiration, Diya embarked on a mission to positively impact the lives of young students. The initiative not only augments the school's existing robotics program but also provided an exciting opportunity for students to engage with computer science in a fun and interactive way.

Principal David Goldsmith said, “As an educator, this is an example of something that we dream about! A former student coming back to teach our current students about her passion, that has, in turn, been fostered by the school system. Diya did a fantastic job presenting her idea for this club and working with Sarah Curtin, our Digital Learning Specialist, to make it happen. Diya's intelligence, curiosity, and positive attitude were on display each day, and she was an amazing role model for our students."

Diya's biggest revelation during the program was witnessing the creativity displayed by students, their ability to grasp complex concepts, and how the club became a space where students weren't just learning. Students were having fun, experimenting, and discovering the wonders of computer science.

By introducing these foundational concepts at an early age, Diya hopes students will foster a passion for robotics and computer science that will grow into a future generation of innovators and problem solvers.

Moharimet Digital Learning Specialist Sarah Curtin said: “I am impressed by Diya’s dedication to sharing her love for computer science and robotics. Her passion and community service are not only shaping the future of Moharimet students, but also contributing to the broader mission of fostering enthusiasm for STEM.”