Free and Reduced Meals

Applying on line is the fastest way to have your Free & Reduced meal application approved. Simply click on the link above to get started.

Free and Reduced meals applications are also available at your child's main school office and nurse's office upon request. Please be sure the application you are given has the current school year listed on it. Applications from past years will not be accepted.

The Application Form can also be found here.

Meal applications can be printed and placed in an envelope, marked with, "For Child Nutrition Director", and given to the food service staff at your school or mailed to: Child Nutrition, 33 Coe Drive, Durham, NH 03824.

To continue receiving free or reduced meals, an application must be received by October 19th.

Students from families receiving food stamps will be certified from a state listing, and a letter will be sent home when the student is approved. A family who receives food stamps, no longer has to submit an application.

When filling out the applications, please read the instructions carefully, and provide all the necessary information. This will make the approval process faster.

Please submit only one application per family, and as soon as the application is processed a letter will be sent home indicating your approval status.

For questions regarding the Free and Reduced Meals application, the Special Milk Program application, or for help with filling out an application, please call the Child Nutrition Director Maredith St Onge, at 868-5100 Ext. 2012.

PLEASE NOTE: Students who are approved for free meals (milk is included) will not receive free milk if not purchasing a complete meal. Also, snack milk is not free, it is considered an à la carte purchase. Please contact the director if you can not afford snack milk.

Maredith St Onge

Director of Child Nutrition