Human Resources

Our employees are our most valuable resources.

Our Human Resources Department supports both current employees and candidates for employment. For assistance, please contact Human Resources Director Jennifer Horton at (603) 868-5100, ext. 2004, or using the email address below.

Jennifer Horton

Human Resources Director

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I change my family status?

Contact Human Resources Director Jennifer Horton to see if your change requires paperwork to be completed. In some cases, you only have 30-days to process changes to your benefits, so it important to contact us as soon as changes occur. 

  • How do I change the beneficiaries on my life insurance and NH Retirement accounts?

Print and complete the life insurance beneficiary form, NH Retirement Beneficiary form, and forward them to the Human Resources Director. Note: the NHRS form needs to be notarized prior to being returned. Payroll Coordinator Sabrina Lichtenwalner is a notary, so if you would like to have the form notarized, please make an appointment and bring the form unsigned along with a picture I.D. to the SAU office.

Payroll Information

Payroll is managed by Payroll Coordinator Sabrina Lichtenwalner. You may contact Sabrina at (603) 868-5100, ext. 2009, or by emailing at the address below.

Sabrina Lichtenwalner

Payroll & Accounts Payable Associate

  • Who do I contact if I have a question about my paycheck?

Contact Sabrina Lichtenwalner, payroll coordinator, by phone at (603) 868-5100 ext. 2009 or by using the email address below.

  • How do I change my paycheck allowances?

Complete a new W4 form and forward it to Sabrina Lichtenwalner in payroll.

  • How do I change of address or phone number?

You are welcome to change your address in Employee Access. The information will be electronically processed through payroll. Your address change will be updated in all databases.

  • How do I enter my time in Tyler A&S ReadySub (hourly employees)?

Hourly employees may view step-by-step instructions showing how to log their time in Tyler by clicking below.