1:1 Technology Expectations and Guidelines

By accepting an ORCSD device and accessories users acknowledge that they will use and care for the technology appropriately. Below are the expectations and guidelines for all students and families.

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  • I will be responsible for my laptop and take good care of it.
  • I will charge my laptop’s battery every day.
  • I will only use my laptop for schoolwork.
  • I will know where my laptop is at all times and only use the laptop provided to me.

    Basic Care and Handling
  • I will not loan out my laptop and cords to other individuals.
  • I will always keep my laptop and related accessories protected.
  • I will keep food and liquids away from my laptop.
  • I will not deface my laptop in any way. (ie: marking, painting, drawing, stickers, etc.)
  • I will not remove any district placed stickers/labels/tags that are affixed to my laptop or accessories.
  • I will not tamper with the hardware or software or attempt any repairs of my laptop.

    Student Expectations for Responsible Computing

  • I will keep my login and password information private.
  • I will only use the login and password information provided to me and will not attempt to login as any other person.
  • I will use appropriate language in all digital products and communications.
  • I will not give my name, address, phone number, or school information to anyone online.
  • I will not fill out any form or sign up for anything online.
  • I will not use any articles, stories, or other works I find online and pretend it is my own.
  • I will not make, use, locate materials that are inappropriate in a school setting or that may offend others.
  • I will only locate and use school appropriate content in my digital work.
  • I understand that my laptop is subject to inspection and remains the property of the ORCSD.
  • I agree to return my laptop and all its accessories in good working condition.
  • I will follow the classroom rules when using video conferencing.
  • I will use my ORCSD email for school purposes and be kind and courteous while online.
  • I will get permission before downloading apps and software.
  • I will not bypass security settings or internet filters.
  • I will only use technology for school related activities and assignments when in class.

Parent / Guardian

  • I acknowledge that I will be responsible for all damages to the laptop and accessories.
  • I will be responsible for monitoring my child’s use of the device.
  • I acknowledge that my child must return the laptop and all accessories in good working condition.
  • I acknowledge that my child will have access to approved resources/applications.