Facilities Reservations

The procedure for use of buildings is the following:

  1. Group checks online calendar to make sure space is available for the date and time of event. To check availability of the space interested in reserving, please go to ORCSD Community Use Calendar.
  2. Group fills out Use of Buildings application, at least 14 days prior to proposed activity.

    ML Schedules is simple to use, but we understand there will be a learning curve. Below are a few links to help get you familiar.

    Quick Start Guide
    How-to “Submit a request” Video
    MLS Register  Link to Register

    MLS Login  Link to Login

  1. Group prints and signs Facilities Guidelines KF-R and Release. Both forms need to be sent to Evonne Kill-Kish.
    • Phone: (603) 868-5100 ext. 2011
    • Mail: Evonne Kill-Kish, 36 Coe Drive, Durham, NH 03824
    • Email (see below)
  2. Building principal or designee reviews and forwards to facilities office signifying it's ok for group to use building.
  3. Facilities office reviews, schedules appropriate staff to cover event, checks insurance coverage, authorizes, and schedules on master calendar.
  4. Once scheduled by facilities office, a permit is generated and emailed to group. The event is authorized and scheduled only at this point which eliminates conflicts.
  5. If any changes are necessary to the event after your permit is received, please send an email to Linda Mahoney including your listing permit number and changes needed.
  6. All building users are responsible for adhering to the policy and guidelines set by the school district.
    Policy Description
    KF Use of Buildings and Facilities
    KF-R Facilities Guidelines
    KF-R1 Facilities Fees
     Waiver Facility Use Waiver Form

Evonne Kill-Kish

Administrative Assistant to the SAU