Facilities Work Order

Quick Guide for Obtaining Facility Services

Oyster River Cooperative School District is implementing a new web-based Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) for the district community to enter and track work requests. All faculty and staff will need to utilize this system to request facilities work.

Submitting a Work Request

Facilities work requests are for building maintenance, custodial, and ground services. For technological support and tickets (IT), please click here.

Facilities Work Order Form


  • Please fill out the Service Request form with as much information as possible. To avoid unecessary delays, please ensure all critical information is provided in the orginal request (building name, location, contact information, etc.).
  • All fields with “red labels” are required entries.
  • Check the "Notify Me" box if you would like to receive email updates on this request. This is a web based system and can be accessed by any phone, tablet or PC.

What Should I Expect?

Once a work request is submitted you will receive a work request reference number as well as an email response stating that the work request was received.

If additional information is requested by the Facilities team, please provide a prompt response to avoid additional service delays.

The work request will be reviewed and either:


  • In which case a work order will be generated
  • An email notification of the acceptance will be sent along with assigned work order number
  • You will receive periodic email updates regarding the work order status
  • Customer surveys will be sent, on random work orders, to obtain information on services.


  • You will receive an email notification with the reason for rejection