Learning and Competencies

Working Together to Engage Every Learner

Oyster River High School promotes a safe and nurturing community where the uniqueness of each member is valued. In this spirit, we are committed to becoming educated, ethical, responsible citizens who strive to contribute positively toward the betterment of ourselves, our school, our society and the world.

Vision of a Graduate

As ORCSD students strive to develop and master transferable academic, social and emotional skills, our graduates will be capable and empowered individuals who demonstrate a critical awareness of self and an empathetic awareness of others.

21st Century Learning Expectations

  • Knowledgable Person
  • Skilled Information Processor
  • Critical and Creative Thinker
  • Self-Directed Learner
  • Responsible Citizen
  • Effective Communicator
  • Collaborative Worker

Awareness of Self

ORCSD students will demonstrate resilience and adaptability as independent thinkers through being self-directed, self-regulated and self-advocates who understand themselves as learners.

Awareness of Others

ORCSD students will demonstrate ethical, empathetic, and respectful thinking through being collaborative, responsible community members both locally and globally.

Transferable Skills and Knowledge

ORCSD students will demonstrate a growth mindset and master transferable foundational skills and knowledge through critical thinking, effective communication, problem-solving and healthy risk taking.


For additional curriculum and competencies information, please visit the district's Academics page.