Team Level Philosophies

Oyster River High School Athletic Department

Team Level Philosophies

The Oyster River Athletic Department strives to provide athletic opportunities for any student- athlete who chooses to participate in interscholastic athletics at the various levels of competition.

The goals of interscholastic athletics at Oyster River High School include:

  1. Encourage all participants to develop respect for self and others, leadership skills, self- discipline, and positive sportsmanship.
  2. Develop physical skills, mental skills, physical conditioning and the ability to work cooperatively with others in a team setting.
  3. Assist the faculty and administration in implementing the Oyster River High School Vision Statement. Coaches, like teachers, are educators and responsible for implementing all aspects of the Vision Statement and implementing and adhering to school regulations.
  4. Offer well-planned instruction prior to participation in an interscholastic sport for students who desire to play the game and who can compete fairly.

Core values of the Oyster River Athletics

  • Personal accountability
  • Teamwork and camaraderie (team before self)
  • Integrity
  • Sportsmanship
  • Pride in school, community, self and family
  • Respect for coaches, opponents, officials and spectators.

Competition Levels

Each level of competition offers their own unique experience for student-athletes. Each level comes with their own expectations from student-athletes and parents. Outlined below are expectations and beliefs at each team level.


Varsity competition is the highest level of competition that many student-athletes will enter. At this level, playing time is awarded to the student-athletes who earn it based on several factors determined by each coach. This includes, but not limited to, skill, effort, attitude, and commitment to the team. Coaches at the varsity level offer high intensity practices, necessitate higher levels of time commitment and require a more complex level of understanding of the sport. Ultimately at the varsity level, emphasis is on the end result for the team while maintaining all other core values of the Oyster River Athletic Department.  Playing time at the Varsity level is not equal or mandatory.

Junior Varsity

Junior Varsity (JV) competition is a developmentally centered level in which student-athletes learn skills and techniques that will benefit them ultimately for varsity level competition. Playing time at the JV level is not equal or mandatory. Student-athletes earn playing time through practice experiences and previous game situations. Coaches at this level will search for a balance between competitiveness and in-game experience for their teams.

Student-athletes in grades 9-11 are eligible for JV competition and in some instances, students in grade 12 may be offered a spot on a JV team.

It may be necessary for some players to “swing” from Varsity and JV as well as JV and Reserve. The coaches will ultimately make this decision based on what is best for the individual, the program and team.

Reserve Team

Reserve level competition is exclusively for freshman and sophomore student-athletes that require further skill development and conceptual understanding. Coaches at this level will attempt to get each student-athlete into each contest. The amount of playing time will be based upon practice habits, attendance, understanding of the system and prior game performance.

Emphasis at this level will be development of the student-athlete through positive practice habits and earned in game experience. Only in rare circumstances will student-athletes not participate in a contest.

Oyster River Athletic Department staff will be:

  • Effective Communicators
  • Professional in manner and interactions
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy
  • Prepared
  • Knowledgeable
  • Approachable
  • Loyal