Oyster River High School has a graduation requirement of three credits in mathematics and a fourth-year mathematics experience.

The New Hampshire Department of Education requires that all students fulfill an algebra requirement as a part of their credits in mathematics. This can be fulfilled through our Introduction to Algebra and Geometry or Algebra 1. The Mathematics Department encourages all students to develop a four-year plan of study in cooperation with their mathematics teachers.

Course prerequisites have been designed to ensure student success in each course, therefore course prerequisites must be met before any course may be taken.


The mission of the Oyster River Mathematics Department is to engage, support, and challenge all learners in the study of mathematics. Our goal is to provide an educational experience in mathematics that ensures students the opportunity to become college and career ready.


In support of our mission, we are committed to excellent teaching, a well-designed curriculum, and a supportive environment for all students. Students are challenged within the classroom environment to develop skills in analysis, reasoning, creative problem solving, collaborative learning, and communication as they gain knowledge of mathematics.

This is achieved through maintaining an updated curriculum with current standards, making real world connections, incorporating technology, and a commitment to continuous professional development. We maintain high academic expectations and support all students to realize their full potential through a progression of appropriately challenging coursework.  


Math Department Pathways