Britannica School High: search the world's most respected general encyclopedia. A great place to start for most topics.

Search Britannica's database: a non-biased information source for our users. We present sourced pros and cons of debatable issues, as well as a host of reference information relevant to those issues, thoroughly researched and compiled by our research staff and editors.

Explora: a vast collection of magazine and journal articles on a wide variety of topics.

Infobase: a research database for world geography and culture.

ABC Clio Pop Culture Universe: a Bloomsbury digital resource to search icons, idols, and ideas.

ABC Clio Health & Wellness Issues: a database to understand science, society, and yourself.

ABC Clio The African American Experience: a database to better understand the African American experience.

ABC Clio American History: a database to better understand American history.

ABC Clio American Govermnment: a databse to better understand American government.

JSTOR: explore the world’s knowledge, cultures, and ideas by searching journlas, books, images, and primary sources.

National Archives: explore primary source documents.

Gale: resources for education, lifelong learning, and academic research. Find peer-reviewed articles, full-text magazine, newspapers, e-books, primary source documents, videos, and podcasts.