Important Traffic Notice

A photo of School Resource Officer Nicolosi in uniform with the caption: Important Message from SRO Nicolosi

Dear Oyster River Middle and High School Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Thank you for your collaboration and patience during school pick-up and drop-off at the Oyster River middle and high schools. Mornings and afternoons can be hectic, and I understand how frustrating it can be to sit in traffic. 

Due to the increased amount of traffic this year, it is important to remember the importance of the following safety rules. 


  • Respect dedicated drop-off and pick-up areas. Drop-off areas in front of the school are designed for the overall safety of our students. Unauthorized student drop-off and pick-up on the street creates hazardous situations. It can be helpful to remember that insurance companies will find you at fault if you cause an accident because you are blocking the roadway. Anyone observed stopping on the street may be stopped and educated by the police. The Durham Police Department patrols the area every morning and afternoon. Please see NH RSA 265:69, Stopping Standing, Parking, for additional information. 


  • Do NOT attempt to pass vehicles in the middle/opposite lane of Bagdad Road. Before 3:00 p.m. on school days, the School Resource Officer or other traffic safety officer will make sure traffic is clear and incoming traffic can safely pass the vehicles waiting in line. Once student dismissal begins at 3:00 p.m., incoming vehicles must stay in the waiting line until instructed otherwise by a police officer. Through traffic may want to find an alternate route during afternoon pick-up. 


  • When instructed to stop, you must STOP immediately. Do not attempt to drive around the School Resource Officer or other traffic safety officer. 



Some things you can do to help with pick-up and drop-off:

  • Anticipate delays due to traffic and plan your commute accordingly. 
  • Find a parking spot. Seniors at ORHS leave school early if they have a free period. There will be parking spaces open in the parking lots. You can park in any of these spots and your student(s) can walk to your vehicle. 
  • Wait fifteen minutes after the bell rings for student dismissal. There will be very minimal traffic, and you can pull right up to the front door.  
  • Do NOT pick-up your student on the road. Doing so is hazardous for everyone involved and in direct violation of NH RSA 265:69.  
  • Plan an alternate meetup place for your student, such as the downtown area. 
  • Ask your student to ride the bus. Fewer cars mean less traffic and a more sustainable commuting option.
  • Pull up to the blue line in front of ORHS. This will allow people stuck on Bagdad Road/Coe Drive to get off the road quicker. 


Also, be advised that the cut-through from the Durham Public Library to Strafford Avenue has been fenced in and we ask that you speak with your student and let them know they will no longer be able to use this path. 

Thank you for your help with keeping Oyster River students safe. 



Officer Michael Nicolosi 

ORCSD School Resource Officer