ORHS Teacher Selected for NHD Professional Development Program

A photograph of Derek Cangello with the caption: Congratulations Mr. Cangello!

Oyster River High School Social Studies Teacher Derek Cangello was one of 60 teachers across the country selected for National History Day’s (NHD) new professional development program called Revolutionary Ideals. Only two teachers from the Granite State received this honor, and 23 teachers nationwide are currently pursuing the opportunity. The course is offered as an extended learning graduate course from San Diego University.

NHD’s Revolutionary Ideals program connects educators with recent historical scholarship on the founding era in advance of the coming 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in 2026. 

Mr. Cangello had to apply for the program back in the fall of 2023 knowing the application would be very competitive.

“Professionally, it has provided me with so many opportunities to access new primary sources and resources from scholars and historians around the country”, said Cangello. “I also get to collaborate with teachers from all over as well as learn new ideas to further benefit students in the classroom. The program is focused on the Revolutionary Ideals, which is part of the curriculum I teach in Citizenship Education as well as US History.”

Additional details about the program can be found here.

Last year, Oyster River High School student Anna Klein received a NH Civics Award for her NHD research on the impact of women’s suffrage.